Kisho Kurakawa & Metabolism feature in RIBA: “Creation from Catastrophe: How architecture rebuilds communities”

PD Kurakawa

Capsule Tower Tokyo 1972  Kisho Kurakawa

Creation from Catastrophe: How architecture rebuilds communities

27 January – 24 April 2016
The Architecture Gallery, RIBA

Starting with the Great Fire of London 1666, the exhibition takes the viewer on a journey through 18th century Lisbon, 19th century Chicago, 20th century Skopje, ending up in current day Nepal, Nigeria, Japan, Chile, Pakistan and USA. Key historical works from the RIBA Collection will be on display for the first time.

In 1960 Kisho Kurakawa gained international fame with the architectural theory of Metabolism which he developed while working with Kenzo Tange. Their work conceives of cities as living, moving and evolving entities. Their proposals for Hiroshima, Tokyo and Ise Bay in Japan as well as Skopje, Macedonia all feature in the exhibition.

Kisho Kurakawa’s talk An All-Inclusive Symbiosis is available on Pidgeon Digital.