When the website was first published, Will Hurst, writing in BD Online, said of Pidgeon Digital:

“A unique archive of slides and audio footage recorded by the legendary architectural editor Monica Pidgeon, 95, has been digitised under a collaboration with Murray. The archive features talks by major figures who have since died, including Buckminster Fuller, Denys Lasdun and Cedric Price, but until now has only been available to architecture schools. “People all round the world will be able to access this archive at the click of a button,” Pidgeon Digital editor Murray said. “To have these slides and make them accessible is a really important part of the architectural conversation.” Murray plans to continue the audio interviews begun by Pidgeon and recently interviewed Renzo Piano.”

A contact who is involved in promotion of the arts:

“I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic archive and website – if only every archive site was as clearly laid out and easy to access…”

An American professor of architecture:

“This archive is miraculous. I am a professor of architecture and history, and would love to reference these clips in class, to include them in lectures. I am developing a style of lecture which is multimedia – something akin to the mixing techniques employed on American National Public Radio shows – Ira Glass mixing on This American Life, Joe Frank’s ‘In The Dark’, or the series entitled ‘Sound Stories’. The goal is to create a deep sonic envelope which focuses the students attention. To hear these voices is akin to hearing testimony, which makes it even more visceral.”

A researcher at a subscribing Danish university:

“Your website is for me an unbeatable source of material and inspiration both for my research and teaching.”

The head of a major architectural practice, having seen all our latest additions:

“I am very keen for our younger architects to be able to learn from the wealth of talks that are available.”

One of our university subscribers recently commented:

“I would like to congratulate and also thank the organisers of this digital archive. It’s such a wonderful and useful idea and could prove very inspirational to students of architecture, and practitioners as well.”

An architectural practice subscriber said:

“We watched the Penoyre & Prasad last Wednesday at lunchtime … We really love this resource!”

Students’ comments include:

“Thank you for this great site, very helpful for us third years!” – student at Arts University, Bournemouth

“I love your site” – student at University of Manitoba

Others have said:

“…interest in and feedback on Pidgeon Digital has been very encouraging.”

Students and faculty are spell-bound with these interviews and have been quite a welcome addition from 1st to 5th Year … I am glad to see the academic excitement your website has produced for all of us.”